The Lady Coffee

10,90 incl VAT
From Myanmar a fantastic micro-lot of coffee grown exclusively by women and processed with an experimental processing method.
Bringing to Caffèlab a coffee from Myanmar meant facing a double path in this very delicate historical moment. We chosen this coffee first of all for its quality but also for the social aspect. Myanmar has in fact been experiencing very complex social situations for years: child and female exploitation are the most difficult topics together with the export of goods which is often in the hands of a very few and not in line with fair trade and worker’s ethics.

This is why we decided to promote this coffee only after having personally met, through calls and mails, Thi Ha Gyawalie and Su Nandar Linn, the two young people who carry on this project. For them, being able to sell their coffees directly abroad, without intermediaries, means giving hope and a perspective to all the women of the Ywangan region.


Let’s get back to talking about Burmese coffee. What we’re introducing here on Caffèlab is the only one of three batches produced this year to be processed with a particular Honey method which also provides for a carbonic maceration of the fruits.

After 48 hours of fermentation, the saturated water creates foam which begins to come out of the valve; this is the moment that indicates the end of fermentation. The cherries are then sent to the pulping plant where 75% of the mucilage is removed from the beans, which at this point is ready for drying in 12/14 days. In the cup we find citrus and sweet dried fruit hints reminiscent of nougat. Malic acidity is well balanced by sweetness and good body.