Sea salt

3,205,30 incl VAT
Our sea salts are sustainably harvested manually using ancestral traditional methods in the salinas of Anfeh. This coastal village of Lebanon is home to ancient sea salt mines dating back to as far as 1400 B.C.
Wajd aims to protect those salinas and the people they provide and work for. Back in the 1960’s Anfeh supplied most of Lebanon’s salt and most local families worked in salt mining.

In the 1990’s the government abolished taxes on imported industrial salt and made it impossible for locals to compete. Wajd was created to sustain this salt mining tradition and salvage the neglected salt mines of Anfeh that are rumoured to have been the first site of human salt cultivation dating back to the Phoenicians. Our artisanal sea salts are unrefined which means they are not subject to any processing, thus preserving all their valuable trace minerals.