Rwanda Nova Café Des Mamas

19,50 incl VAT
Usually, a drupe contains two coffee beans with a round and a flat side. In some cases, however, only one round bean develops inside the drupe, a real “pearl bean” with a very intense aroma, which is called Peaberry. This coffee is grown in the volcanic mountains of the northern province of Rwanda, where the growing conditions for the plant are ideal thanks to the high altitudes, excellent soil and favourable climate. The Nova Coffee project is proudly run by Rwandan women who manually select and thoroughly process the coffee beans using the crop method. Translated with (free version)
Rwanda Nova Cafe des Mamas is a coffee with aromatic notes of black tea and chocolate, with a clear citrus acidity, a good sweetness and a light and elegant body.

This batch received 84 points according to the SCA cupping protocol.