Oconal Coffee

11,00 incl VAT
Specialty Coffee grown in the Peruvian region of Oxapampa according to permaculture techniques.
The Seven Elements is the new project of 7Elements Peru, the NGO born in the Oxapampa region, which has been active for a long time in the area to support the indigenous Yanesha community with social and training projects, to teach how to cultivate the land according to permaculture techniques that provide for an argroecological management without any type of pesticide, herbicide or unnatural fertilizers.

This Specialty Coffee is grown on the Oconal hills under the shade of Inga Pacay, Ulcumani and Eucalyptus trees. Jose, the producer is an extremely passionate farmer who’s running, for several years, the family Finca and has begun to produce not only washed coffee but also Honey and Natural as this exceptional lot.

The drupes, after rigorous selective harvesting, are further selected through a wet process (through floating all the defective or non-compliant drupes are eliminated.) Then, after an anaerobic fermentation process of 12-15 hours, they are put to dry in very thin layers on raised beds in a ventilated area and without direct light. Once the optimal drying point has been reached, the beans, with all the dried pulp still around, are collected in jute bags and left to mature in the warehouse for a few weeks.

In the cup the aromas of red fruits and raisins prevail, a medium winey acidity gives sweet taste notes of wild berries and raw cane sugar. The body is creamy and well balanced and in the aftertaste there are liqueur notes of Cognac.

When tasted in cupping according to the SCA protocol, this coffee scored 88 points.