Meng Meng Coffee

10,50 incl VAT
For the first time on Caffelab a coffee from the Yunnan region, China. A very unique coffee not to be missed.
In the southern part of the Yunnan province, on the border with Vietnam and Laos, is the Ou Yang plantation which covers an area of ​​78 hectares and takes its name from its owner. Driven by a great passion for coffee and for all the people involved in this cultivation and process, Mr Ou aims to produce high quality beans which, thanks to the premium price on the market, can help local communities to get out of the range of poverty.

Mr Ou has in fact successfully developed new coffee processing techniques, experimenting with alternative methods of fermentation and drying. The drupes of this batch, entirely hand-picked, are placed in sealed tank for fermentation for 2/3 days, during which the mucilage separates more quickly from the beans. Then they are dried on raised beds until they reach 40% moisture level. At this point they are again placed in hermetic tank for a second fermentation of 4/5 days.

At the end the coffee is spread again on raised beds for another 28 days of drying. This technique, called “double fermentation” requires very careful monitoring given the high risks of excessive fermentation and mold. In the cup it looks like a very particular coffee, with a mix of tropical fruit (mango, pineapple …) and sweet and delicate yellow fruit, in the aftertaste hints of green tea.