Fazenda Rahina Coffee

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An excellent Brazilian coffee, of the Yellow Bourbon variety, which finds its perfect extraction method in espresso.
The Fazenda Rainha has belonged to the Carvalho Dias family since 1890. Gabriel de Carvalho Dias, grandson of the owner, is responsible for the management of the farm, which is located exactly on the border with the State of Minas Gerais, and has the characteristics of the mountainous regions of Mogiana and Sud Minas. The plantations are managed manually, because the local topography does not allow any type of mechanization. Social and environmental aspects are considered fundamental for the management of the farm

Of the 484 hectares, only 190 are used for coffee plantations. The company is located at an altitude between 1100 and 1500 meters, enjoys an average annual rainfall between 1800 and 2000 mm, and an average temperature of 19 °, ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of coffee.

This coffee is of the Yellow Bourbon variety, a variety famous for its exceptional quality, and is processed with the Pulped Natural method.

The coffee is harvested by hand and the beans are transferred to the processing area as soon as possible, always on the same day as the harvest to avoid any risk of fermentation. Once it reaches the benefit, the coffee is immediately washed and the drupes are selected based on size and density, separating the dried drupes from the rest of the harvest. Only the ripe cherries are pulped and the kernels covered with parchment and a layer of mucilage are dried in the sun until they reach 20% humidity and then dried in automatic dryers to further reduce the humidity to the correct level for export (11 %)

The work done by Queen Helena Mello de Carvalho Dias and her family for the production of the highest quality coffee has ensured that the coffee grown in this Fazenda has been one of the finalists of the Brazilian Cup of Excellence in various editions.

In the cup it has a good round body combined with exceptional sweetness and a pleasant balanced acidity. Notes of caramel, chocolate and hazelnut biscuits that are also found in the aftertaste.