Ethiopia Sidamo

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The Ethiopian Sidamo coffee from this area is always grown in the so-called coffee gardens, that is, plots where the coffee grows in the shadow of other plants, often tobacco, bananas, spices, tea and others, a system that allows the coffee to capture extraordinary aromatic sensations. For this evaluation, the coffee was tasted with an extraction of 25 ml in espresso at 94°C, in 26 seconds. The degassing of the coffee lasted 48 hours.
The crema is hazel in colour with dark, pronounced shades. The aroma is very clear of citrus, cardamom, tobacco and nutmeg; when sweetened, the coffee shows notes of candied citrus fruits. On the palate, the coffee has a light body and a pronounced acidity (one of the most evident in the coffee world, partly due to the washed processing method). The bitterness is very light, and the aftertaste is wonderfully elegant.