Ana Sora Coffee

9,90 incl VAT
Notes of Chamomile, Blackcurrant and Cramberries Jam in this exceptional Ethiopian coffee.
Ana Sora is a private farm owned by Israel Degfa located in the Guji area, east of Yirgacheffe. This 250-hectare plantation created in 2013 is located at 2300m above sea level, an unusually high altitude even by the standards of the region. At this altitude the ripening of the drupes is slower due to the generally lower temperatures and cooler nights, and contributes to the unique aromatic and taste profile of this coffee.

Located along the River Turo, this farm produced only natural coffee, like this lot, until 2018, but last year they built a washing station for washed coffee.

The drupes are harvested with selective picking and undergo a further selection by density in tanks of water to remove any immature or overripe fruit.

Only the ripe fruits are dried in the sun on African Beds for 15/30 days, according to the weather conditions, with a continuous rotation of the same to ensure homogeneous drying. In this phase, the drupes are covered with shading plastic nets during the night and the hottest hours of the day.

In the cup it shows fruity and flowery notes, a good sweetness that perfectly balances the complex acidity. Excellent body and persistence of the aftertaste.

At the tasting in cupping according to the SCA protocol he obtained a score of 88 points.